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 Working 1975 Texas Instruments TI-1250 Calculator SOLD 1975 040VT  
 Betty Crocker
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 Vintage 2 button Zenith Space Commander 300 TV Clicker/Remote! SOLD   028VT  

 Vintage Heathkit Ultrasonic Cleaner GD-1150 w/Assembly Manual  SOLD 1973 047VT  

 Palm Zire 21 Handheld Data Manager 2002 049VT  

  Vintage Working 1960's General Electric AM/FM Tabletop Radio   028VT  

 Vintage Working Sanyo B&W Surveillance Video Camera   018VT  

 Genuine Sure N72B Stereo Record Needle in box    048VT  



 1970's Heathkit Refrigerator Magnets   038VT  

 DUOTONE Transcription Phonograph and Record Player Needles   039VT  

 2 vintage 16MM Film Fiberbuilt Brand Shipping Cases   32VT  
       1977 Tournament 2000 Pong Game by Unisonic w/Light Gun 1977 471TG  
       Majestic "Mighty Monarch of the Air" Short Wave Dummy Load? SOLD
Majestic Radio & Television Corp
        Vintage Smith Victor Photography Light with Barn Doors   04VT  

  2 Vintage Glass & Porcelain Insulators    004VT  
       Samigon 55mm Close-up Photo Filters Set of 3 diopter 1,2,3   020VT  
       Vintage Channel Master Transistor Service Course Award 1954 006JH  

 GENERAL MOTORS Seven Basic Principles of Safety plaque   018EV  

Paper & Books

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 1943 War Department Aircraft Recognition Pictorial Manual for Servicemen 1943 046VT  


 1955 Heathkit Model TS - 4 Television Alignment Generator Assembly and Operations manual 1955 042VT  

 1955 Heathkit Model A-7D  Audio Amplifier Assembly and Operations manual 1955 043VT  

 1954 Heathkit Model WA - P2 Preamplifier Assembly and Operations manual 1954 041VT  

 1952 RCA Pocket Reference Book - Tubes, Parts, Batteries, Test Equipment, Calendar, Etc. 1952 034VT  



 1959 TV Trouble Tracer -- Dial & Pinpoint TV Tube Troubles 1959 031VT  

 Reliable Radio & TV Tubes ---- The 1958  Quick-Chek Trouble Finder 1958 030VT  

 Vintage 1950's Irish Brand Reel to Reel Tabs & Ad Flyers 1963 025VT  

 1983 - 32 Page Atari Home Computers Brochure 1983 033VT  


 1968 Channel Master Antenna Advertising Mailer 1968 007JH  


 Acu-Math Slide Rules 1960 Catalog booklet 1960 066TT  


 Haynes Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Full size Front Wheel Drive, 1985-1993 Repair Manual 1992 033MB  


 Haynes Ford Mustang & Mercury Capri Automotive Repair Manual 1994 047MB  


 1934 Elementary Photographic Chemistry by Eastman Kodak Company 1934 048MB  

 1928 Rules & Regulations Governing Plumbing & Drainage work in the City of Detroit 1928 045VT  


 1920 AA Catalog Chemical and Metallurgical Lab Supplies 1920 032aMB  


 Handbook of Probability and Statistics with Tables 1953 020MB  


 The American Society For Metals  Practical Metallurgy 1951 022MB  


 The American Society for Metals
 1952 Gases in Metals
1953 025aMB  


 The American Society For Metals
 Behavior of Metals At Low Temperatures
1953 026aMB  

 The American Society For Metals
 Principles of Heat Treatment
1937 027aMB  

 The American Society For Metals
 Asm Review of Metal Literature 1952 Volume 9
1952 031MB  

The American Society For Metals
 Cast Bronze by Harold J. Roast
1953 032MB  

 The Iron Age 1947 Welding Manual 1947 030MB  

 1929 The Oxwelder's Manual 1929 039aMB  

 1951 Tool Steel Handbook 1951 029aMB  

 Honeywell Method of Hot Water Heating Book 1912 edition SOLD 1912 051MB  


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