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 Hand-blown Mercury Glass Department 56 Santa Oil Lamp ornament   054HL  
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 Hallmark Christmas Carousel Horse  Star 1988 03HL  

 Hallmark Keepsake Star Trek Shuttlecraft Galileo Ornament 1992 DMK050  

 Hallmark Wizard of Oz Witch of the West Keepsake Ornament 1992 DMK052  

 Collection of 37 Santa Claus Decorations   055HL  

 Five large Santa Claus decorations   057HL  



This and That                                                                    Item Code


 1989 Dayton Hudson "Explorer" Santa Bear 1989 045HL  

 1986 Dayton Hudson Santa Bear SOLD 1986 026HL  

 1987 Dayton Hudson Miss Santa Bear 1987 033HL  

 Dayton Hudson Santa Bear 1994 Clown Santa Bear 1987 064HL  

 1989 Dayton Hudson Santa Bear Musical mug SOLD 1981 041HL  

 Big Boy Christmas Glass 1990's 015KC  


 Set of 6 Big Boy Christmas glasses 1990's 026CM  

 Green Coca Cola Holiday Glasses 1990's 030HL  



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 Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Cook Book 1967 028HL  

 A Mr. Food Christmas Cookbook Homemade and Hassle-Free 1998 042HL  

 Have a Michigan Christmas 1976 1976 031HL  

 Christmas Greetings 1954 Holiday Recipe Book 1954 005HL  

 Christmas Greetings 1955 Holiday Recipe Book 1955 006HL  


 Merry Christmas From Bea Johnson Christmas Recipe Book 1954 008HL  


 Reader’s Digest Holiday Cookbook 1985 009HL  


 The Colonial Cookbook – Christmas 1975 1975 018HL  



Holiday Books & Music                                                 Item Code


 Gooseberry Patch: Old-Fashioned Country Christmas 1992 038HL  

 1916 Storybook -  How Santa Filled the Christmas Stockings 1916 061HL  

 1943 Christmas Customs and Carols Songbook 1943 066HL  

 Vintage Christmas Carols Songbook! 1956 065HL  

 Vintage cherished Christmas Carols Songbook 1962 059HL  

 Carols For Christmas a 1937 Music Song book 1937 062HL  

 1956 Vintage Christmas Carols Songbook!! 1956 015aHL  

 1962 Christmas An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art 1962 067HL  


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