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 Your Frigidaire Recipes 1936 cookbook 1936 3391CBT  

 1941 - 250 ways of serving POTATOES 1941 350CBT  

 Home Baking Made Easy for Beginners and Experts 1953 283CBT  

Cooky Jar Favorites - General Motors booklet  1960 320CBT  

 Holiday Desserts - General Motors booklet 1964 449CBT  


 Over the Back Fence to you…Prize Yeast Recipes from Red Star 1960's 445CBT  

 The Fleischmann Treasury of Yeast Baking 1962 188CBT  

 641 Tested Recipes from the Sealtest Kitchens 1962 350CBT  

 Bread Baking Made Easy by Rita Martin late 40's 269CBT  

 It's Fun to Bake with Red Star Instant Blend Active Dry Yeast Booklet   438CBT  

 Faygo Beverages 100 Prize winning Recipes 1953 298CBT  

  21 "None Such" Mince Meat Recipes Cook Booklet 1952 410CBT  

 1957 Carnation's Failure-Proof Recipes booklet 1957 427CBT  

 1934 General Foods Easy Triumphs with the New Minute Tapioca cookbook 1934 350CBT  

 How To Get the Most Out of Your Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer 1950 349CBT  

 1968 Spin Cookery Blender Cook Book for 10-speed push-button Cyclomatic Osterizer Liquefier-Blender 1968 352CBT  

 Spin Cookery - Osterizer 8 Speed Blender Cookbook & Manual 1968 381CBT  

 Gloria Pitzer's Secret Fast Food Recipes 1996 417CBT  

 Gloria Pitzer's Mostly 4 Ingredient Recipes Book 1991 425CBT  

 Recipes as Heard on "Ask Your Neighbor" Section 3 with Bob Allison late 60's 364CBT  


 Recipes as Heard on "Ask Your Neighbor" Section 4 with Bob Allison   late 60's 189CBT  

 Recipes as Heard on "Ask Your Neighbor" Section 9  with Bob Allison late 60's 362CBT  


 Nothing’s more fun than Eating Outdoors 1955 051CBT  

 Tabasco Its Romantic History, Its Wonderful Way with Foods 1961 164CBT  

 Diamond Walnuts Menu Magic in a Nutshell 1939 151CBT  

 Recipes from Freshwater Country Recipes for Canadian fish   053CBT  

 38 answers to What's Cooking   Carnation Evaporated Milk booklet 1961 042CBT  

 77 RECIPES USING SWIFT'NING Make-Your-Own Mix by Martha Logan 1950 284CBT  


 Cook with Soup   015CBT  

 50 Wonderful Ways to use Cheese 1955 046CBT  

 Whiffs of Smoke  1955 Eckrich BBQ booklet 1955 014CBT  

 133 Quicker ways to homemade with BISQUICK 1959 081CBT  

 Betty Crocker's Bisquick Party Book 1957 366CBT  

 1958 Betty Crocker's Frosting Secrets booklet 1957 368CBT  

 Betty Crocker's Frankly Fancy Foods Recipe Book



 How to Cook Outdoors Easy as 1-2-3 1957 129CBT  

 Pillsbury's Soup & Salad Cook Book 1969 456CBT  

 Calorie Slim Recipes by Pillsbury   199CBT  

 Land O' Lakes Recipe Collection Eating Right Eating Light 1994 233CBT  

 Pillsbury Classic #111: Cook Light Eat Right 1990 232CBT  

  Pillsbury Sweet 'n Thin Cook Book 1966 227CBT  

  Jell-O Gelatin Pudding Idea Book 1968 451CBT  

 Joys of Jell-O Gelatin Dessert cookbook 1960's 262CBT  

 1967 Jell-O Gelatin's Hostess Guide (38 recipe card set) 1967 448CBT  

 1971 Kay Kellogg's creative cookery a Kellogg's cookbook 1971 370CBT  

 1972 Kerr Home Canning Book 1972 076CBT  

 1972 Ball Blue Book: Easy Guide to Tasty, Thrifty Canning and Freezing 1972 374CBT  

 Ball Blue Book 30th Edition  1983 1983 291CBT  

 Ways with Wine a Cook book a Drink book 1965 020CBT  

 Menu Magic Family Favorites from Ore-Ida 1980's 080CBT  

 How To Barbecue booklet SOLD 1957 263CBT  

 Delicious New Raisin Recipes 1969 031CBT  



Pillsbury Bake-Off


 Pillsbury's 3rd Grand National 100 Prize Winning Recipes Bake Off cookbook 1952 216CBT  

 Pillsbury's 5th Grand National Bake-Off Cookbook 1954 250CBT  



 Pillsbury's 9th 100 Grand National Bake-off Cook Book 1958 251CBT  

 Pillsbury's Best 11th Grand National Bake-Off Cookbook 1960 392CBT  

 Pillsbury's 16th Grand National 100 New Bake-Off Recipes 1965 254CBT  

 Pillsbury's 17th Annual Bake-Off Recipes Cook Book 1966 255CBT  

 Pillsbury's 18th Bake-Off Recipes cookbook 1967 413CBT  

 Pillsbury's 19th annual Bake Off Cook Book 1968 176CBT  

 100 Bake-Off Recipes Pillsbury's 20th Bake-Off booklet 1969 380CBT  



 Pillsbury's Bake-Off Cookbook 35th Contest Cookbook 1992 453CBT  



 a Treasury of bake off favorites 1969 454CBT  

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 Short-Cut-Breads from Pillsbury's Best Bake-Off Collection and the Ann Pillsbury Recipe Exchange   371CBT  



 Fun Filled Butter Cookie Cookbook   452CBT  



 Best One-Dish Meals Cookbook from Pillsbury's Best Bake-Off Collection   397CBT  

 Pillsbury's Bake Off Bread Cook Book 1968 261aCBT  


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