"Common Ground"
Nebula Records

There are many worthy causes and plenty of benefit CD's to raise money and awareness for those causes, but few of them can stand alone on the strength of their music. This one can. It opens with Iggy Pop's "Kill City", perhaps Iggy's only anti-drug song, written and recorded during Iggy's stay in a mental hospital. Track 2 is "Turn Your Mind Inside Out", Scott Campbell's polyrhythmic indictment of the music industry. The next is England's New Order with a modern reworking of their early 80's classic "Temptation". Stungun follows with "Hollywood", a sad, beautiful ballad of their search for stardom. Next is Byrds guitarist/vocalist Roger McGuinn with a stunning acoustic rendition of his classic "Eight Miles High", which is actually more powerful than the original landmark single. Jill Jack offers "Captain Tony", soft, flowing saga of a man who life has passed by. Howling Diablos contribute "Nobody In Detroit", a gritty live rocker that demonstrates why they're a top draw in clubs across the Midwest. The CD's jewel in the crown is "Kick Out The Jams", performed by the (then) four surviving members of the MC 5 at the 1992 tribute to singer Rob Tyner. Vocals on this version are by bassist Michael Davis, who can be heard on the original 1968 live recording as the second lead vocal. Also present is guitarist Wayne Kramer's moving eulogy to former bandmate Rob Tyner. All proceeds from the sale of this CD go to fund Common Ground Sanctuary's suicide hot line as well as their shelters for battered women and the homeless. The various musicians and record companies donated their time and talent to create this living testament to the music of Detroit and the world.
The CD's will be in stores October 23
A CD release concert is planned at 7th House
November 26

The tracks are as follows:

1. Iggy Pop "Kill City"
2. Scott Campbell "Turn Your Mind Inside Out"
3. New Order "Temptation"
4. Stungun "Hollywood"
5. Roger McGuinn "Eight Miles High"
6. Jill Jack "Captain Tony"
7. Hedwig & The Angry Inch "Random Number Generation"
8. Howling Diablos "Nobody In Detroit"
9. MC 5 "Kick Out The Jams"
10. The Articles "Frantick"

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Order The Common Ground CD:
Send a check or money order for $12.00 payable to "Common Ground Sanctuarys".   
All donations are tax deductible

Mail to:  Nebula Records, 20902 Lancaster   Detroit, MI 48225


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