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1952 RCA Pocket Reference Book - Tubes, Parts, Batteries, Test Equipment, Calendar, Etc.


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This is the 1952 RCA Reference Book, a 3 3/8" x 5 5/8" 176 page booklet designed to fit in a pocket.
It's full of all kinds of charts and data for Tubes, batteries, lamp bulbs, test equipment.
It has RCA Receiving tube charts, Base & Envelope Connections Diagrams for Tubes, RCA replacement battery guide, TV troubleshooting section, descriptions of RCA Test equipment.

Page 104 to the end has 1952 calendar pages meant to pencil in appointments and things to do and the last few pages has color World Maps. I guess it was the 1952's version of a RCA Tech guy's Day Planner. It's in Excellent condition, clean, not written in and no tears to pages.

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