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Vintage Readamatic Reading Pacer Machine works with any Book or Magazine


7 lbs
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This is a Readamatic Pacer made by Lexicon Publishing inc, I'm guessing in the 1971 based on the copyright in one of the books. It's a device that you set the Words per minutes speed to improve your reading skills.

The instructions say it's adaptable to a wide variety of uses.
As an accelerator to speed up the rate of Slow or lazy readers:
As a controller to slow down students who may be reading to fast for proper comprehension:
As a re-training devise:
and also as a diagnostic to to test & compare students.

Timer has 3 scales. Scale A, Average Size Bound Novels & textbooks. Scale B, Magazines, Time, Newsweek, Harpers, Saturday Evening Post, etc. Scale C, Readers Digest, Harpers, Most 8 column newspapers.

Comes with it's original box, operating instructions, A Speed-A-Matic Word Practice booklet and a 20 booklet The Family Reading Improvement program with instructions.

Tested it and it works great but timer has a few light scratches on the WPM scale. Books appear unused.





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