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Vintage Smith Victor Photography Light with Barn Doors


3 lbs.
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This is a photoflood light my late uncle used back in the 1950's & 60's when he was doing photography.

It's almost 12" long measured from the tip of the wooden handle to the closed barn doors. 17 1/4" long with the barn doors opened.
It's 7" wide at the front and the opening for the bulb is 5" in diameter. It has a GE Photoflood NO. 1 bulb in it that still works.
From my research the bulb is a 250 watt 240/120 volt regular screw in base bulb with a color temperature of 3400K. They're still available today.

My uncle had it attached to a 6 foot piece of metal conduit. If you look at the photo below it has a threaded mount with a nut & washer attached.

It has it's share of scrapes and scratches and a small 3/4" lip shaped dent on the outside. Also the right side has some black paint runs. Don't know if it that's the way it came from the factory back then or if my uncle had attempted to touch it up at one time.

Despite it's cosmetic flaws, it still gets the job done.


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