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 Vintage South Winds Motel Post Card Nevada, MO   073EV  
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 OLD Hotel Claridge Atlantic City N.J. Postcard   017EV  

 Lazy Lodge Motel Post Card, Lake City, FL   074EV  

 Munising Michigan Scotty's Motel & Red Cedar Restaurant Post Cards   075EV  

 Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert Postcard Souvenir Photo packet  



 Florida's Silver Springs Vintage Souvenir Photo Postcard Packet  



 20 - 1930 era Photo Postcards of San Francisco  



 Photo postcard of the Wyoming-class battleship U.S.S. Arkansas   029PP  

 WWII U.S.S. Mississippi BB-41 Real Photo Postcard - Unused   028PP  

 President Gerald Ford unused Postcard   082EV  

 Vintage unused Royal Family Postcard Queen Elizabeth & Family   031PP  

 2 vintage Piccadilly Circus postcards   034PP  


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Paper                                                                                                 Item code


 Late 1930's Scrapbook w/ Civilian and Military aircraft!   047PP  

 1943 War Department Aircraft Recognition Pictorial Manual for Servicemen 1943 46VT  

  1932 Kelloggs Wheel of Knowledge - Interesting Facts about the U.S. 1932 045PP  

 3 A&P - 1960's handled paper Grocery Bags  Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company 1960's 046PP  

 1941 Collier's Magazine Simoniz Car Polish Pre WWII Ad 1941 038PP  

 1949 Sunshine Hydrox Cookies Print ad 1949 039PP  

 6 Vintage King Corn Trading Stamp Saver Books with Stamps   041aPP  

 3 Vintage MacDonald Plaid Stamp Saver Books with stamps   042PP  

 NEW YORK HANDY GUIDE - A 1943 Comprehensive Tour book 1943 083EV  

 1930's Silver Springs, Fl Tourist Travel Brochure   063SU  

 REYNOLDS WRAP Aluminum Foil Trade Ad Printed on Foil   070EV  

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 GENERAL MOTORS Seven Basic Principles of Safety plaque   018EV  



 The Madison Avenue Cut-Out book - 1962 Advertising humor 1962 084EV  

 1985 Detroit Tigers Baseball Yearbook 1985 030PP  

 Acu-Math Slide Rules 1960 Catalog booklet 1960 066TT  

 1957 Michigan Game Law Digest 1957 026EV  

 3 Vintage Culture Crush Cut Smoking Tobacco boxes   037PP  

 April 1948 View-Master Reel List 1948 049EV  

 Tasty looking Food Party Decorations!   006EV  

 1960's Bewitching Studio Cards in box   009EV  

 Owens Corning Fiberglass House display   010EV  


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