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084EV The Madison Avenue Cut-Out book
1962 Advertising humor
  2 lb
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The Madison Avenue Cut-Out Book
1962 Advertising Agency humor

The Madison Ave Cut-Out book is a 13 1/4" x 10" soft cover book thatís shaped like a briefcase, published by The Citadel Press in 1962.

Inside are 24 pages with cartoon drawings with cute saying that apply to the
Advertising Business.
Book is in excellent condition and looks new. There is just a 1/4" spot on the lower left of cover.
See photo's below for some of the pages and what they say.



This is a client   Tell him he's your best friend


This is the client's product  Think of new ways to use it.


This is a clients lunch   Some clients like four a day
Well fed clients are friendly.


This is a grindstone
Use it to spark ideas.
(Noses make the best sparks.)


This was our last big campaign
It had all the elements of greatness
(Why did we lose the account?)


This is the big-think department.
Thinking relieves tension


Now you can play the game, too!

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