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070EV REYNOLDS WRAP Aluminum Foil Trade Ad Printed on Foil   Free First Class Mail Shipping
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I'm not sure what this actually is. It's an ad for Reynolds Wrap Pure Aluminum Foil and Johnston's Crisp-n-Fresh Saltines.
I don't know if it originally was a store ad, an ad for a trade show or a unique advertising insert from a magazine.
Based on the graphics it looks to be from the 1950's.
It's 21 1/2" tall by 15" wide and is Aluminum Foil on a paper backing.
It folds to 7 1/2" to 10 1/2".
The text on the right side says Johnston Saltines demonstrate the superior protection of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Packaging .Against moisture that robs crispness, against air, odors, and damaging light rays.
It's in very good condition but there is some wear on the edges.

REYNOLDS WRAP Aluminum Foil Trade Ad Printed on Foil

REYNOLDS WRAP Aluminum Foil Trade Ad Printed on Foil close-up 

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