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 Ziggy 16 Month Loser's Calendar for 1979 by Tom Wilson


5 lbs
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What a great find for a Ziggy lover! The fourth annual Ziggy 16 Month Loser's Calendar for 1979. This Large 17" x 19" calendar has 16 months starting at September 1978 and going through December 1979.

Incidentally 2006 and 2007 calendar dates match up with 1978 & 1979 so you could use it as your daily calendar. Or you could have each 17" x 19 cartoon framed and have a Ziggy art gallery.

Calendar is in Great Condition! It was never used. The only defect is the bottom left corner is slightly dented. If you were to frame the cartoons you wouldn't even see it. It's about 1" at the cover and reduces down to 1/2" at the back of the calendar. This is great Pop Culture artwork from Tom Wilson.

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