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WWII U.S.S. Arkansas BB-33 Real Photo Postcard - Unused


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This is a Real Photo postcard of the Wyoming-class battleship U.S.S. Arkansas from WWII or earlier.
The U.S.S. Arkansas was commissioned on September 7, 1912 She saw action in World War I, and in World War II including the D-Day Landings.
On July 1st.1946, the Arkansas was to have been sunk via atomic bomb as part of nuclear test ABLE, but survived.
On 25 July 1946, the battleship was also targeted in the United States first underwater nuclear test BAKER at Bikini Atoll, but survived that test also, and had to be scuttled afterwards.
Decommissioned on 29 July 1946, the Arkansas was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 15 August 1946.

This postcard is in excellent condition and never has been used

WWII U.S.S. Arkansas BB-33 Real Photo Postcard

WWII U.S.S. Arkansas BB-33 Real Photo Postcard back

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