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 WWII USS Mississippi BB-41 Real Photo Postcard - Unused


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This is a Real Photo postcard of the New Mexico-class battleship U.S.S. Mississippi from WWII or earlier.
The U.S.S. Arkansas was commissioned on December 18, 1917 and prior to the US entering World War II she took two trips to Iceland June & September 1941 protections convoys. After Pearl Harbor was attacked she spent 7 months training and escorting convoys along the West coast. Starting in 1943 she participated in numerous operations Including the Aleutian Islands, Peleliu, Leyte Gulf and Okinawa to name a few.
After WWII she underwent conversion to AG-128. She helped launch the Navy into the age of the guided-missile warship when she successfully test fired the Terrier missile on January 28,1953 off Cape Cod. Decommissioned in 1956 was sold for scrap to the Bethlehem Steel Company.

This postcard is in excellent condition and never has been used.

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