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1960's Bewitching Studio Cards
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Here's a nice set of all occasion designs. On the back they say a Sunshine Card.
There are 15 w/ envelopes, box originally came with 20.
All are in like new condition with great graphics. Some have a hidden graphic that you have to hold up to a light to see. The antique car card "Hear you're on the road to recovery!" (left front in photo) the inside has the car getting gas at a pump. When you hold it up to the light you see a tiger in the tank. The Confucius card (right front in photo) So Solly you are sick.. and in the great words of that Great philosopher Confucius.. You open the card it's a bunch of oriental looking gibberish. Hold this one up to the light & it spell out Get well Soon! There are birthday cards, get well cards, congratulations, etc.

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