Neighborhood Values was started in October 1997 as a web site to provide links to cool web sites on the net.

As with the continuing evolution of the Internet, Neighborhood Values has evolved too!

With the explosive growth in Online Access we've found an outlet for the unique stuff we buy at Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Thrift Shops or any place we can get a deal. 
                                  (We are addicted to buying cool stuff).

We started selling on eBay in September 1999 & found it thrilling & very rewarding that stuff we purchased was in demand by people all over the World.  Many of the items we have sold to people are things that they remember from their youth & would like to own again.


We are continually amazed at the type of stuff people want.
It's the classic "One man's Junk is another man's treasure". 


Most of what we offer is one of a kind. 
This is why we ask you fill out a Item Reserve Form  
This will reserve your item & assure that we still have it in stock. 


   Neighborhood Values

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