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Attitude At It’s Best
Self-motivational Audio Cassette Tape




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This Audio Cassette is one in a series given by, Sadie Bolos-Ottjepka, and produced by Bolos & Associates.
This purpose of this tape is to talk directly to you about achieving your personal best. She will show you how to realize the power you have within yourself to achieve many of the goals you’ve tried to set for yourself, but somehow fall short of your intended goal, or get side tracked by other people or responsibilities you put upon yourself. Sadie Bolos-Ottjepka is well recognized in the professional community.
She is sought after by many companies, both large and small, to help give motivational seminars, and to help show how to set any goal, direct yourself to it, and stay focused on that goal! Visualize your dream, that is easy to do. Now, take some time to learn how to make them an effective reality!

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