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THE GREAT INDIAN WARS, 1840-1890 VHS video



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A 2 Tape Set featuring exciting re-creations and authentic stills from Custer to Geronimo to Wounded Knee

In the early 1800's families packed up their wagons and headed westward, looking for more land or gold. As these early pioneers began to take Indian hunting grounds, every Chief had to decide what to do. Should he tell his people to stay friendly with the whites or should they fight them and make war? Some of the tribes gave in but most of the Indians fought for what they believed was theirs. These would come to be known as "The Great Indian Wars".

See and hear the true stories of the wars with the Indians. You'll learn that Sitting Bull wasn't even at the "Little Big Horn" and that "The Battle of Wounded Knee" wasn't a battle at was a slaughter. Total running time 96 minutes. This video has been viewed and is guaranteed to be in great condition.

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