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Necessary Roughness
VHS Video starring Kathy Ireland, Scott Bakula, Sinbad



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Necessary Roughness

Starring: Kathy Ireland, Scott Bakula, Sinbad and more!

Running Time: 108 Min.

The Texas State Armadillos are fourth down and nowhere-to-go after a corruption scandal nearly ends the football program. Now upstanding coach Ed Gennaro must put together a brand new team.

For the position of quarterback Gennaro recruits Paul Blake (Bakula), a 34-year old former high school star whose field of dreams turned out to be the family farm. Blake still has the arm but can he score with a team that includes a samurai lineman, a butterfingered receiver, and a Samoan strongman with eyes for the place-kicker (Ireland)?

This is a previously viewed video from Block Buster and is guaranteed to be in great condition.

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