The List
Here is a list of some acquired items we have not categorized or posted yet.

If you see something your interested in drop us a email and we will get back to you with more information.


Sports Illustrated Magazines 1954-1965
Drug Rep items-
pens, clocks, puppets, etc.
Hallmark-Shoebox Greetings Dad's TV Clock
A & W mugs
Alleen's Big Book of Crafts
Assorted Melmac dish sets
Lots and Lots of postcards 1907-1990
Souvenir  of London Plate
Queen Mary Souvenir Plate

Commodore Vic 20 Computer
Commodore 64 complete system
RCA Model VS323 Transistor Radio
Poloroid Big Shot Camera

Chef Tell Tells All Cookbook
The Vinegar Book
Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary 10th ed.

2 Holly Hobby Mugs
2 Maxwell House 1984 U.S. Figure Skating Team Coffee Mugs
Mouli Grater
Assorted Fire King Items

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