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The Perfect Pet!
Poodle Whiskey Decanter


2 lbs
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Had a hard day? Maybe you could use a quick shot of something to calm your stress? Well… Just reach for this little poodle knick-knack and surprise!, pull off her corked head and pour---ahh!
The decanter is approx. 9" L. x 2" W. The poodle is black in color. The ‘fluffy’ front legs, back legs, tip of the tail, around the mouth and chin area, and the tip of the head is brushed in white Inside of the ears, the tongue, and on the tip of it’s nose is accented in bright red. The eyes are outlined in a darker yellow color. Around the neck is a gold painted band, it is the collar of this proud poodle. On the bottom of each paw is painted a burnt orange finish and this helps to keep it from sliding around. The head is attached to a cork, the cork has been slightly chipped away, looks like someone popped ‘her’ head off on many days! Along the backside of this unique ceramic poodle are six small indentations where ‘she’ used to carry her ‘baby’ shot glasses, they probably were broken or lost throughout the years. Overall, ‘she’ is in good condition, plus, this ceramic piece become quite a conversation piece! This poodle now awaits another new home to help assist in ‘her’ new masters relaxing process---good girl!

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