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Seven-Up 7 UP The Uncola 1970's Full bottles, Vinyl Cooler &  Upside Down Glasses, Opener, Bottle Caps


8 lbs
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Here is something you don't see every day. I guess you could call this collection a 7UP beginners Collector kit.

It has Two early 1970's 7up pop bottles still Full, two 7 Up Upside Down glasses, 8 bottle caps, a 7UP bottle opener and a zippered Vinyl Cooler.  The bottles are 16 oz and are in great condition although the bottle caps some rusting. 

The glasses are 5 3/4" tall, 2 1/8 wide at the top and 3 1/8 at the bottom.  They are both in great condition. One glass has a small scratch near the top you can see if you hold it to the light just right. They hold 18 oz's filled to the rim.

The zippered cooler is 14" long x 8" high x 8" wide. It's also in great condition. It has a light blue stain on the bottom that you can hardly see and I don't know if it's a flaw or if it's supposed to be that way but on the inside back there is a seam in the Vinyl that has either separated or was designed that way.  (See photo's below)

Will ship at your choice with the Bottles full or empty.
After 30 something years I don't think the contents are drinkable, After all it's not a fine wine.
I'm guessing empty bottles will shave 3 or more lbs off shipping.

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