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Citrus Express Grapefruit Cutter/Juicer


2 lbs
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This is Citrus Express, a machine that Cut's perfect Fruit Slices every time. It features a Stainless steel half blade knife & is dishwasher safe. It also doubles as a Juicer so you can enjoy fresh squeeze Orange or Grapefruit Juice. Cut the orange or grapefruit in half. Take the corer and take the core out of the fruit. 
et the half so the stainless steel blade is in position to cut and then put the dome shaped piece over the fruit, so you can turn the fruit easier and stops you from getting cut, Blade is very sharp. Cuts your fruit into sections with ease. also comes with the juicer attachment for making juice. Rubber ring on bottom to help keep the juicer from turning while operating.  Pouring spout on bowl 

It's in excellent condition and 100% complete.
It is missing the top cardboard insert inside the box and there is a small tear on top of box.


Citrus Express Grapefruit Cutter/Juicer

This is a previously owned product.  Any flaws or defects are noted in item description.

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