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1986 Dayton Hudson Santa Bear


3 lbs
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In 1985, when the Dayton Hudson Department Stores ‘Santa Bears’ first hit the shelves they were scooped up in a hurry. They were so adorable they were hard to resist and they quickly became a yearly collectible for many children, (and ‘big’ children collected them too!). Remember‘ Beanie Babies’ had not been heard of yet!

This 1986 Santa Bear, with his black button nose, is in absolute pristine condition. It is quite obvious that this Bear was loved very much and was probably stored away carefully. As he looks out at you through large life-like button eyes, it’s as if he’s telling you he would love to bring to you a big hug! His silky soft fur is snowy white, and there isn’t a spot on him.
He is wearing a warm red and green knitted cap with geometric shapes that has his cute white ears peaking out and a fluffy white knitted ball on top. He is also wearing a matching red and green fringed winter scarf around his neck. Knitted in white on the cap it reads: 1986 Santa Bear, and there are white Christmas trees knitted around the back of the cap.

From the tip of his cap to the bottom of his ‘paws’ this Santa Bear is approx. 25" L. x 14-15" W. 

Whether you need the 1986 Santa Bear to add to your collection, or you have a little loved one who has plenty of love to give this beautiful stuffed bear

1986 Dayton Hudson Santa Bear

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