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Santa’s Tuney Toy Book


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This 1956 book was found at an Estate. Although it is missing it’s Xylophone, it could still be a neat little book for a child who’s still young enough to love pop-up books! (Or maybe an older ‘child’ might like to add it to their collection!). Maybe you might have even owned one of these yourself, (but the Xylophone disappeared!). On the first page is a place where a Xylophone had once been (maybe confiscated by, ‘If she plays that thing one more time’ Mom, or ‘Soon-to-be deaf’ Dad!)
There is a colorful, smaller book above the empty instrument page, and that book has a cute little Christmas story inside. Plus, Holiday carols that are numbered so you could play along with, (you guessed it!), a Xylophone! And on the back cover is a smaller song book that is attached and it contains more carols for, (you guessed it again!), a Xylophone.

The book must have been a Christmas present for a little munchkin because inside the cover is the name, Lola Hamlin, age 6. Copyright © 1956 by The Polygraphic Co. of America, Inc. Lithographed in U.S.A.

The book is in good condition, and little Miss Lola must have taken good care of it. It shows a little wear, but after all, it is 47 years old! And (I have to say this)---Xylophone not included!!!

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