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The Colonial Cookbook – Christmas 1975



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This 16 page, soft cover booklet was sent to all Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. from Consumer Services, for the 1975-1976 Holiday Season. It is in very good condition. There is a couple of small black marks on the side of it, and only on one page is a couple of pencil notations at the bottom. The pages are slightly yellowed, but it is difficult to know if that’s from it’s age of 26 years, or if it came that way because of the Colonial theme of the booklet. The recipes included were actually used during colonial times, and are still tasty today!

Some of the recipes for example are, "Olde English Trifle", "Abigail Adams’ Swiss Pies", "Colonial Orange Pudding", or "Martha’s Broccoli Ring". The recipes will be a hit for your holiday table, and you will certainly have something to talk about with each new colonial recipe!

The booklet has another neat feature, on the back cover there is a breakdown of annual gas bills from, September 1, 1975, and the accompanying paragraphs will certainly give you a giggle! (for those of us who complain now about increases, remember they complained then and now that looks sweet!).

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