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Merry Christmas From Bea Johnson
Recipe Book



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Bea Johnson was a broadcaster for, ‘KMBD-KFRM Radio---KMBC-TV, out of Kansas City, Missouri.
Her show, "Happy Home" was very popular nationwide, she was, "1st in the Heart of America".

On her show she tested new recipes and interviewed the recipe’s creator, gave household hints, etc., making her the first, "Martha", of her era.
Bea was a popular household name throughout several decades from the 30’s to the 60’s.

This booklet is interesting in many ways. First it is a cookbook devoted only to holiday dinners and holiday parties, and decorations, (a first for Bea, and "Happy Home"). Secondly, it gives a detailed bio of her, and many pictures of her and her family, and details of her travels with her show.
Then there is an insert of her travels to Monaco to visit with Ari Onassis, the Mediterranean to visit with Aga Khan, and Ali Khan, France, and a historic visit to "Communist" Russia.
There are pictures, recipes, and a written account of her visits. This booklet was Copyright: December, 1954, by KMBC Broadcasting Co. Because it is 47 years old, it does show a little wear.  2nd page has a old tape stain that bleed through to page 3,  but it's still a wonderful gift for a vintage cookbook collector, or for anyone interested in personalities from early radio and television. Plus the recipes are truly unique, (like:"Bess Truman’s Dessert"), and delectable, (like: "Chocolate Coconut Crispies")! 

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