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Christmas Carousel Horse Ornament (Star)



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This brightly colored Carousel Horse, 3rd in the collection of four Carousel Horses, is named, "Star", (it is also stamped in teal on her rump).. ‘She’ is dark brown in color with a bright white mane, tail, and ankles. ‘She’ has a red and gold ornate saddle, teal colored tassels, and a teal and dark green tasseled bite bit.

‘Star’ is in great condition, it is possible that ‘she’ was hardly ever used. It is in it’s original box, the box has a small tear at the top opening, and some of the corners show some age.

The Carousel 1989 collection was a very popular item with Hallmark, each week a different piece to the collection was put out for sale. They flew off of the shelves quickly as people gathered what they needed to complete the set.

This is a 1989 Hallmark Cards, Inc., K.C., MO 64141.

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