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15 Software Packages for the Apple II Plus, IIe, or IIc


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Here is a large amount of software for the Apple II Plus, IIe, or IIc.
They all have copyright dates from the 1980's
All are Branded Microzine by Scholastic Inc.
On the cover of each it says A Computer Learning Library on a disk.
There are 15 packages each with a 5 1/4 in floppy disk some have 2.
There are at least 4 programs on each disk, some are games, some are learning programs and some are just useful. 11 are in colorful cardboard folders, 4 are in vinyl.
Vinyl on some is a bit wrinkled but it doesn't affect the disks. All have their Manuals
There are programs like Letter Writer (a word Processor) Scholastic Calc (Spreadsheet), Solar Pilot (A weather Simulator), Newspaper maker, Wagons West (a Pioneer Journey across America in 1854), Sticker Factory, Brain Drain, Malice in Wonderland, Escape from Antcatraz, Math Mall, 2008 An Oval Office Odyssey. 
 There are two packages that may be missing one disk. There is a disk for Blueprint maker but it doesn’t mention the other three programs on the disk. The the same with Banner Maker booklet. I cannot guarantee they work, I don't have a Apple machine. Based on my experiences with 5˝ in floppy's, I have an old IBM clone and my disks still work. These should too!

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