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1970's Lady Schick  Air Styler "Cybil Shepherd" Hair dryer


3 lbs
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This is the Air Styler by Lady Schick made in the early 70's before Cybil's movie career took off.
Cybil Shepherd is on the cardboard sleeve that covers the Travel & Storage case. She's also pictured on the instruction manual and the inside cover of the case.

It's never been used so it's basically New Old Stock. It has a Reinforced Natural Bristle brush and two styling combs. It also has a directional drying attachment the concentrates heat. I tested the unit and it works great!
The only thing I could describe as a flaw is a spot on the travel case where the blue covering has peeled away, most likely that was where the price tag was.

Whether you plan on using it or just acquiring a piece of Cybil Shepherd's Career memorabilia. It's a nice piece of modern Americana. On the back of the cardboard sleeve is proudly displayed Made in the U.S.A. Something you rarely see now-a-days.


This is a previously owned product.  Any flaws or defects are noted in item description.

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