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22 View-Master Reels w/ viewer Disney, Rugrats, Barbie


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A great way to get your young one interest in 3D. This is 22 View-Master reels all geared towards kids with a sturdy model L viewer. Viewer and reels are in great condition. 1 reel in Cinderella has a wrinkle.

Reels included
1997 Rugrats - 3 Reels

1997 The Wubbulus World of Dr. Seuss - 3 Reels
1995 Look & See in 3D assorted 3d images - 2 Reels
1997 Barbie - 2 Reels
Disney Reels
The Little Mermaid - 3 Reels
Cinderella - 3 Reels (1 reel has wrinkle in it)
Mulan - 3 Reel set
101 Dalmatians - 3 Reel set

This is a previously owned product.  Any flaws or defects are noted in item description.

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