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Edu-Science 900X Power Microscope Lab



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This is a 1999 Edu-Science 900X Power Microscope Lab.
It has 3 settings 96-144X,  300-450X, 600-900X

Back of the case lists Microscope features
A) One 9" Microscope with 8X, 25X, 42 X Objective Lens & Die Cast Body
B) 1 Micro Data Bank
C) 1 Micro Slicer
D) 12 Glass Slides, 12 cover glasses, 12 Statical Slide covers. 12 Blank labels,  
E) 4 Collecting vials, 1 stirring rod, 1 Petri dish, 1 Scalpel, 1 Needle, 1 Tweezer, 1 spare bulb.
F) 1 Condenser lens cap, 2 graduated Cylinders and Instructions.

The light source is a swivel mirror or flip over 2 AA battery light.
It also has a 12x18 Zoom eyepiece.

Set is nearly complete. The only things missing is one Statical Slide cover should be 12, there is 11. And there are only 7 of the 12 cover glasses. Everything else is accounted for.  Manual has a little scribbling on the right edge.

This is a previously owned product.  Any flaws or defects are noted in item description.

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