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This 9"x 8 ½" softcover edition, © 1959, Second Edition, by Random House, has appetizing illustrations in color. As well as, hundreds of soon-to-be ‘family traditions’ recipes your family and friends will love to choose from. This cookbook is in good condition, the 436 pages of the book are in great condition. The bottom back cover has a 1" tear where it connects to the binding and front cover has a stain in the upper right. bottom right has a 1" x 1/2" dog eared crease. Inside the cover are guides, from ‘Measurements to Know’, to ‘Handy Equivalents’, and ‘Baking Table’, that will help you along your culinary path.
This book has some wonderful ideas for the ‘seasoned cook’, or the novice beginner, that will help each of you to look like you took a cooking course from one of the ‘Iron Chefs’! For example, there is a section on how to pick a vegetable, how to put a dinner together depending on each and every situation, and even some tips for special situations. And if you want to go all out there is a section for the "Seated Dinner", or just the last minute leftover decision.    With it’s thorough Index that quickly leads you to your next yummy surprise it will help you find just the right recipe to choose for your next Chef’s feat!

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