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This 7" x 10 ¼" 805 page hardcover edition, copyright 1963 Second Printing, Edited by Dorothy B. Marsh, Illustrations by Bill Goldsmith, is in excellent condition,

The Book has very light wear on the cover and there is a light stain on the pages edge Most of the inside pages are clean and tight, but several have issues.
Pages 104 -105,106
On pg.105-106 there is a 1 1/4" x 3/4" hole. The missing piece is stuck to pg.104

Pages 193-196 have some light stains and are wrinkly.

Page 231-232 was folded at the top right of the page.
It left 4 1/2" line when unfolded.
(See the photos below)

There are chapters entitled, "When Company Comes", "To Sauce a dish", and "The Bountiful Barbecue", "When He Carves" and a chapter that describes the best wines to serve with particular dishes, and how to serve the wines.

This cookbook was published in the decade when women still had the time to make a homemade meal from scratch for her family nearly every night of the week. (Ladies-Don’t let this memory frighten you away from this keeper of a cookbook!).

It was published by The Hearst Corporation, and has 805 pages of informative tips, Illustrations, Color photo’s and answers to many questions that arise when preparing a meal, and it is complete with an Index that leads you onto a culinary adventure!

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