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1988 Better Homes & Gardens Microwave Cooking Card Library



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This is the Better Homes & Gardens Microwave Cooking Card Library from 1988.
It has 39 sections each with 16 cards 15 recipes and a Nutrition Analysis card with calorie, Carbohydrate, Fat and Vitamin information for each recipe in that section.
All recipes can be made in your Microwave.

Card library is in like new condition with almost no wear to the cards.

I inventoried the cards. Five sections are unopened and the rest all are there except Section 14-card 5, Hearty German Stew.

Also included is 6 booklets with tips Getting to know your Microwave Oven, Microwave Cooking Techniques, Microwave Timesaving Tips, Microwave Cookware Micro-Cooking Vegetables, and Kid's Microwave Cooking.

Also includes the Index booklet that lists the recipes alphabetically and a unopened pack of note cards to add your own recipes.


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