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Betty Crocker's Family Dinners in a Hurry Cookbook


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On any given day of the week most of us are in our usual hurry. Rushing to drop off the kids, pick up the kids, a list of items to purchase at the store, wash to do, homework to be done, yards to mow, house to clean, dinner to cook, whew .... we are all in a big rush. And we cap all of that off with a full-time job too! There’s not enough time and 24 hours is never enough for most days.

And then the guilt we feel because we aren’t feeding ourselves, or our families a decent meal. We end up with the fast food or frozen dinner solution that solves the hunger problem, but they aren’t as nutritious as we’d like the meal to be. But there is still the problem of time --- there’s very little left to spend it in the kitchen.

This hard cover cookbook may be just the answer to this problem. There are over 100 pages of delicious recipes and mouth--watering colored photographs, and preparation time varies from 15 minutes. to 60 minutes. Many of the recipes come complete with a ready made Market List! There are chapters that have recipes for every season of the year, any event, or unplanned for company that comes up. Just reach for this cookbook and you will be prepared, plus you’ll have time left to enjoy yourself! This cookbook is filled with new ideas, and helpful hints to assist you with your cooking task.

For example: in 30 minutes. you could serve, Broiled Round Steak, Herbed Tomatoes, Broccoli with Hollandaise Sauce, Parker House Rolls, and Warm Blueberry Cobbler. Just follow the step by step Timetable by each meal plan and you will be amazed at your new culinary creation and still have time left for the evening!! The this spiral bound cookbook is in excellent condition. First Printing, 1970 by General Mills, Inc., published by Golden Press, Produced by Western Publishing Co., Inc. This cookbook is the perfect addition for every recipe shelf.

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