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 The American Heart Association Cookbook 1976 416CB  
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 Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen, 200 Easy Recipes for Healthy Weight loss 2002 264CB  

 Favorite Brand Name Light Cooking 1993 206CB  

 Faygo Award Winning Diet Recipes cookbook   297CBT  

 Better Home and Gardens Good Food & Fitness cookbook 1981 346BHG  

 Good Housekeeping Slim & Healthy Cookery cookbook 1989 347CB  

 Dining With The Duchess: Making Everyday Meals a Special Occasion 1999 222CB  

 Better Homes and Gardens Calorie-Trimmed Recipes cook book 1980 402BHG  

 Pasta Light Over 200 Great Taste, Low Fat Pasta Recipes Cookbook 1998 396CB  

 Lite Delight 300 Calories or Less 1993 128CB  

 The Healing Foods Cookbook: 400 Delicious Recipes With Curative Power 1999 384CB  

 1979 Better Homes and Gardens Eat & Stay Slim 1979 225BHG  

 1972 Better Homes and Gardens Eat & Stay Slim Cookbook 1972 226BHG  

 Better Homes and Gardens Low-Fat Meals 1990 223BHG  

1970 Better Homes and Gardens Calorie Counters Cook Book 1973 printing 1973 341BHG  

1983 Better Homes and Gardens Calorie Counters Cook Book 1983 390BHG  

 Through Thick and Thin: An Adventure in Whole Food Cooking Part I Breads 1984



 Betty Crocker’s New American Cooking 1983



 Reader's Digest Great Chicken Dishes 1999 215CB  

 Betty Crocker's New Choices Cookbook 1993 185CB  

 Land O' Lakes Recipe Collection Eating Right Eating Light 1994 233CBT  


 Pillsbury Classic #111: Cook Light Eat Right 1990 232CBT  

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 Calorie Slim Recipes by Pillsbury 1967 230CBT  

 Pillsbury Sweet 'n Thin Cook Book 1968 227CBT  


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