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Dynasty - Action Packed Profiles of the 12 Most Dominant Sports Teams



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Dynasty Action-Packed Profiles of the 12 Most Dominant Teams in Sports History.

 Dynasty is an inside look at the coaches and players who lead the 12 most dominate Teams in sports history to Prominence.

New York Yankees 1936-1943 & 1949-1964,
Boston Celtics 1956-57 to 1968-69,
Green Bay Packers 1961-1967,
UCLA Bruins 1963-64 to 1974-75,
Montreal Canadians 1955-56 to 1978-75,
Pittsburg Steelers 1974-1979,
Brooklyn Dodgers 1947-1956,
Notre Dame 1941-1949,
Los Angeles Lakers 1979-80 to Present,
Cleveland Browns 1946-1955,
New York Islanders 1979-80 to 1982-83,
Okalahoma Sooners 1948-1957.

12 authors recount their triumphs and analyze the special qualities that made these teams perennial powers. This 8 3/4" x 11 3/4" 240 page hardcover book is in like new condition. Book is perfect and dust jacket has but the slightest of wear. 1989 The Sporting News Publishing Co. First edition ISBN # 089204313X

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