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The American Society for Metals
Cast Bronze by Harold J. Roast



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This 9 " x 6", dark red hard-covered book, with gold lettering, was published by – The American Society for Metals,

1953. The book was printed in the U.S.A. by, The Haddon Craftsmen, Inc. Harold J. Roast, F.I.M., M.E.I.C., Formerly, Technical Vice-President, Canadian Bronze Co., Ltd., wrote it. This 450-plus page book covers everything from, "A Theoretical Bronze Foundry", "Foundry Layout", "Fuels and Furnaces, Melting and Sand", to " "Architectural Bronze", and "The Historical Viewpoint". There is also a chapter on, "Special Course in Applied Nonferrous Foundry Metallurgy". Included are: Charts, Tables, Graphs, Weights & Measures, and (b & w) Photographs and Illustrations. Many of the photos are quite impressive! The book is in amazingly ‘new’ condition – inside and out, there isn’t a mark on it!

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The American Society for Metals Cast Bronze book side view

The American Society for Metals Cast Bronze book inside page

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