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Life Magazine April 26, 1937 White Leghorn Rooster Cover Issue



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This is the April 26, 1937 issue of Life Magazine. This issue has a unusual cover format. It has small LIFE printed in the lower red bar instead of the usual large LIFE in the red rectangle at top.

The magazine is 14" tall x 10 1/2" wide and 98 pages including the cover. It's in great condition.
The only issues are the back cover has a very light dog eared fold and a stamped Bacon Memorial Public Library Wyandotte, Michigan. Front cover also has the Stamp.See last photos.

Table of Contents Includes:
Pg. 06 Speaking of Pictures
Pg. 12 Letters to the Editors
Pg. 19 Wagner Act and Henry Ford
Pg. 22 LIFE on the American Newsfront
Pg. 28 Portrait of a Nightmare
Pg. 29 Texas Oil Fire
Pg. 32 Movie of the Week: Captains Courageous - Spencer Tracy & Freddie Bartholomew
Pg. 36 America's Defense in the Pacific
Pg. 38 Navy: "Problem 18"
Pg. 40 Hawaii Makes the U.S. an Empire
Pg. 45 The Nation's Paradise: Portfolio of Hawaii
Pg. 50 Bethlehem Steel's Board Has a Fight
Pg. 52 The Flower Show
Pg. 57 "World's Craziest Painter" - Franz Sedlacek
Pg. 60 Two Celebrities Roll a Hoop
Pg. 65 World's Largest Letter File
Pg. 66 The Camera Overseas
Pg. 74 The Baldwins
Pg. 76 Natchez Pilgrimage
Pg. 80 Index to Picture Credits
Pg. 83 Zulus Help Coronation
Pg. 86 Gentleman Chicken Farming
Pg. 93 Pictures to the Editors


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