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1976 ELTON JOHN biography



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He has touched many people, of all ages, from all walks of life, since his music first hit the airwaves. With his songwriting and lyrics partner, Bernie Taupin, he’s shown that he is one of the greatest superstars of all time. Despite his outrageous costumes, or his hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses, he can still perform a song and have it affect something deep inside of you. For me, he was the number one concert to get your ticket to see. This book tells you the real story of how Elton Hercules John, the boy from a London suburb, became an outstanding name in the music industry throughout the world. This book is written by Dick Tatham, and Tony Jasper, and filled with over 100 illustrations in color and black and white. First published in 1976 by Octopus Books LTD., 1975/1976 Phoebus Publishing Co./BPC Publishing LTD.

The book is approx. 14" H and 8" W., and it is in great condition just a small 1/4" nick on the bottom end of the back cover. The dust jacket is also in good condition, just the top & bottom of the jacket has curled slightly, but it is not torn. This book tells of the life of Sir Elton from birth up to approx. 1976, and this star had led quite a life up to that point. We know that his star still shines brightly today. Also, he has expanded his talents to include Broadway, and backing songs for other stars.

This is a must read, and the pictures are out of this world, right down to his duet with, John Lennon, and many more entertaining events throughout this insightful book.

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