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1968 Whitman Stock Market Game Deluxe Edition


4 lbs
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This is the highly sought after 1968 Whitman Stock Market Game Deluxe Edition.
Game box says The Aristocrat of money games. The object of the game is to accumulate capital by skillfully buying and selling shares of stock at continually changing prices.

Game contains:
* 1 Gameboard
* 1 Slide with Slide Indicator
* 8 colorerd Pawns
* Play money
* Shares
* Company Stock Cards are (Alcoa, American Motors, Maytag, J.I. Case, Woolworth, General Mills, International Shoe and Western Publishing)
* 2 wooden dice
* Original cardboard insert with multiples of shares for easy figuring
* Instructions printed on underside of lid.

Game Contents are 100% complete and in like new condition.

Game Box top had one split corner that was repaired and a  1 1/4"  dent on the edged that was glued to reinforce.

Games have been previously played with unless otherwise noted.
All Games are complete and if necessary have been repaired or completed to restore the game to as close to original condition as possible.
Any defects will be noted in Item description.
We strive to present a product that will not disappoint.

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