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Pass The Bomb Game


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For about thirty nail biting minutes, players' nerves are tested to the limit by the threat of the ticking Bomb. A card is drawn baring two or more letters.
The variable length fuse. (10 secs to 1 minute) is set and the ticking Bomb is passed to the first player. In turn players must shout out a word that contains the letters on the card and pass on the Bomb before it goes off!

Want some real Fun! (not in the Instructions) Use it as a Drinking game. The one holding the Bomb when it goes off has to take a Shot! Or maybe play Strip Pass the Bomb. Should make any party more fun.

Uses three 1.5 volt watch type batteries that are included.
Made by Piatink

1998 Game of the year in England, France and Denmark!

Game is in great condition and looks like it was never played. Box looks new with no wear. Game contents were inventoried and are 100% complete.


Game has been previously played with unless otherwise noted.
All Games are complete and if necessary have been repaired or completed to restore the game to as close to original condition as possible. Any defects will be noted in Item description.
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