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Friends Trivia Board Game - Never Opened



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Test Your FRIENDS knowledge!
The Television show has made you laugh and cry. Now is the time to test if you were paying attention.
Players travel around the game board visiting each of the Friends apartments and answering trivia questions. The Collector's Edition differs from the other Friends Trivia games. It contains 200 extra "Never Before Seen Questions"!
There are 1000 trivia questions such as What is Joey's favorite food? Name Rachel's beloved dog? Which Friend was bitten by a Peacock?

The game comes in a 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"  box with 200 trivia cards each with 5 questions each, a Friends game board, a Friends pad, a coffee cup card, game pieces and die. Instructions are a little wrinkled.

Game has never been opened but the top of the box has a slice to the box top graphics not into the box itself also resulting in the shrink wrap being loose at the top and the top right corner is dented. Released in 2002 by Cardinal Industries



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 Friends Trivia Board Game
Friends Trivia Game

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