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The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game



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The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game is a trivia game the whole family can participate in. It has separate sets of game cards. One for the adults and one for the children. On the Child Trivia Cards, they have a picture that the questions are talking about to help the young ones guess.

Each card contains 5 Categories:
Yellow: Animation
Purple: Film
Green: Song
Blue: Personalities
Red: Mousellaneous

Game game comes in a round tin container that is is great condition.  

Game is 100% complete and in great condition.
Contents include Mousehead Game Board, a box of trivia cards, adult and child, one dice, 4 Mickey Silhouette Game Pieces, which come in white, gold, black, and silver. Also there are 20 colored Mickey chips which come in five colors, blue, yellow, light green, purple, and red.

Made by Mattel for Disney in 1997

Ages 6 to adult 2 or more players.



Game has been previously played with unless otherwise noted.
All Games are complete and if necessary have been repaired or completed to restore the game to as close to original condition as possible. Any defects will be noted in Item description.
We strive to present a product that will not disappoint.

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