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SNL Trivial Pursuit Saturday Night Live DVD Edition Factory Sealed


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30 seasons of Saturday Night Live Trivia live from your living room! For over 20 years the TRIVIAL PURSUIT Game has challenged millions to move around the circular board answering intriguing questions in a race to collect a scoring wedge from each category of questions. This edition combines all the fun of the board game with the Emmy award-winning late-night comedy show to bring you and your friends even more trivia fun.

6 categories covering the entire show: Sketches, Famous Impressions, Commercial parodies, Characters, SNL etc, and The Show.

Playing pieces are famous characters from the show. Conehead, Mango, Matt Foley, Deli Samurai, Cheerleader, LandShark, Mary Katherine Gallagher, and the Ladies Man. Contents include Game board, 1DVD,1 Die, 8 character tokens and 24 scoring wedges. DVD player needed to play.

Game is still shrink wrapped sealed. Copyright 2004 Broadway Video enterprises under license from NBC and SNL.

Game has been previously played with unless otherwise noted.
All Games are complete and if necessary have been repaired or completed to restore the game to as close to original condition as possible. Any defects will be noted in Item description.
We strive to present a product that will not disappoint.

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