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1972 Mr. Wizard's Crypto Coder/Decoder



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TV's Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) introduced many of us to the Wonders of Science in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. And of course there were science products we all could buy.

This is one of them. Mr. Wizard's Crypto Coder/Decoder.
It contains 2 glass lenses that you slide a piece of paper with what you want to code under the lens and you write down what you see. Looking at the code normally it looks like gibberish. When you slide it back under the lens it becomes readable.

I think it is complete. Box says it contains 2 complete lensing systems, Message Pads, Instruction sheet and printed codes. Every thing is here except the printed codes but the codes are on the instruction sheet. And maybe that is what they meant.

If there was a printed code sheet It's not necessary to use this Coder/Decoder It's very simple to use. Included is the 2 lensing systems, message pads and the instruction sheet. The box is in very good condition. There is only very, very light shelf wear.



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