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Crack the Case - a game of Mini-Mysteries



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Crack the Case is a party game for 2 or more players or teams. One player is chosen to be a moderator. The moderator draws a case card -- (there are three difficulties, easy, medium, and difficult). The moderator reads the case to the other players, then silently reads the solution.

A sample case is: A man lies bleeding on the pavement. Near his body are a mint, a plate and a spent .45 caliber shell. Why was the man shot? The players may only ask "Yes/No" questions. The moderator may only respond 7 ways: Yes; No; Yes and No; Irrelevant; I Don't Know; Rephrase the question; and Define what you mean by…

It's great entertainment for fun-loving groups of any size!

Game is 100% complete and in great condition. Some minor shelf wear on box edges and one dented corner. Case cards were sorted from 1 to 108 to confirm completeness. Contents include: 108 case cards, card box, clipboard, plastic clip, score pad, instructions.
Copyright 1993 by Milton Bradley

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