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1998 VW Volkswagen New Beetle Diecast Car made by Maisto



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This 18th scale model of the new style Volkswagen was made by Maisto. Dated 1998 on the bottom of base. Car is 9" long and 4" high. Base is 12" long and it's true to life details include steer able wheels, opening doors, hood, trunk and rubber tires. 2 screws hold it to it's base but can be removed and the car can roll easily on it's tires.

Car is in great shape, no scratches dings or dent's. Spots on car is glare from Flash. Passenger side window has a small smudge thatís noticeable if you hold it to the light just right. A great car at a great price. Buy it to look at or buy if for the grand kids to play with. It's a nice well built metal model like they used to make years ago.

1998 VW Volkswagen New Beetle Diecast Car

1998 VW Volkswagen New Beetle Diecast Car side views

1998 VW Volkswagen New Beetle Diecast Car Closeups

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