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1964 Mille Bornes
Parker Brothers French Card Game


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Mille Bornes is The French auto racing Card Game.
You are driving a car and your goal is to travel 1000 miles. You are subject to the rules of the road: go only when the light is green, stop on red, obey speed limits, fix flats if you have a flat tire, wait for gas if you run out, wait for auto repairs if you have an accident.
 Each of these situations is represented by cards in the game with different point values, in addition to Distance cards, used to accumulate mileage. In addition to gaining 1000 points, you also try to prevent your opponent from traveling that distance through the use of Hazard, Remedy and Safety cards. Accumulate 5000 points in several hands of play and you're the winner!

Game is in great condition. Deck of 112 Cards, Card Tray, Score Sheets & Instructions.

Instructions list 6 cards not used in game play. Two Score cards in English and one in French. Two guide cards in English and one in French. 

The Box has a tear on to the graphics on the bottom left corner. Most noticeable is on the top, but box is still nice & sturdy with no split corners.

Game has been previously played with unless otherwise noted.
All Games are complete and if necessary have been repaired or completed to restore the game to as close to original condition as possible. Any defects will be noted in Item description.
We strive to present a product that will not disappoint.

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