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Tabloid Teasers Board Game



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Are you a supermarket ‘tabloid’ browser? Do you ever wonder about, "Who makes this stuff up?" We’ve all glanced at the hysterical headlines, "…a cow gives birth to a litter of puppies from out space!" Or, "Putting Cucumbers Between Your Toes Cures Arthritis!" These papers are like accidents on the side of the road, you hate to look but you are compelled to, the voyeuristic side takes over and you just have to look!!
Well, now comes the game to test your ‘knowledge’ of those ‘peeked at’ tabloid headlines, and what follows is hours of laughter and the acknowledgements of the ridiculous! The game, "Tabloid Teasers?" fun begins when you are given part of a headline that appeared in one of the national tabloids.
Then all players fill in the blank to create a wild and outrageous headline of their own. Then all the headlines, including your own, are read out loud and players vote for the one they think is real. If you are right, you move ahead. You also advance when you fool another player into thinking your incredible headline is the real one! The player who can convince other players to pick their headline as the real one, or picks the actual headlines, will receive enough votes to advance to the Finish space and wins!

This game features actual headlines from, the "National Enquirer, Star, Globe, Sun, News Extra, and Weekly World News"!

The contents of the game in great condition and complete. Game Board, 120 cards with 360 headlines, plastic card folder, 6 tabloid movers, 6 number dice, answer pads, and instructions.   Box has minor shelf wear, Bottom of box has marks where it was taped shut.
For 3 to 6 players, ages 10 years to adult.   ©1991 Pressman Toy Corporation, New York, N.Y.
So, if you’re ready for a hysterical time of absurdity and fun – you’re ready for "Tabloid Teasers?"!

Tabloid Teasers Board Game Tabloid Teasers Board Game bottom of box

Tabloid Teasers Board Game contents

Tabloid Teasers Board Game contents in box

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